Template For an Email Requesting Training Budget

Training and skills development are essential to helping you advance and achieve your career goals. This pursuit can be costly, sometimes coming out of your pocket. Some companies offer this benefit to their staff, but you may have to ask your organisation to cover the cost for others. Talking about money isn’t easy. Asking for money to cover training costs can be difficult, and that’s why we’re here to help. Below, we’ll provide you with a template for an email requesting a training budget.

What is a training letter request?

A training letter, or email, is a document you will send to your employer asking them to fund the learning and development programme you want to embark on to learn new or enhance your skills.

Ongoing skills training Is necessary to help you gain new skills, grow your career, bridge the skills gap, boost your performance, and make you an attractive team member and employee to current and future employers. These are a few of the benefits of upskilling, and you’ll want to make a note of these and research others to present them to your employer in your email.

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